Art Department

Our art department is equipped to process all your pre-press needs for pad printing and hot stamping.

From proof to final print, correct artwork is a key factor to ensure a successful project. 

Low resolution artwork can be re-drawn or converted to the correct format for hot stamping and pad printing.  


Artwork Specifications

All artwork to be prepared as a 300dpi vector file PDF


Illustrator C6S with all fonts set to outlines.

Colours are to be saved as a spot colour or CMYK (not RGB)

CMYK: Great for printing - CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.
RGB: NOT SUITABLE FOR PRINTING - RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue and is only suitable for computer monitors, the web and television screens.
Vector file: An image drawn in illustrator.
Outlines: A font is converted into a graphic element.

Download What is a Vector File PDF ( 501KB) here

Download  Die Specifications PDF (425KB) here