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Akubra have been making hats for the military since Gallipoli but were not the exclusive suppliers – majority were going overseas. Defence has realised this and made Australian Content a major component of the tender and as our hats are 99% Australian content we are hoping to increase our share of the supply tender.

It has been a delight listing our suppliers and seeing other Australian companies such as Milford Astor that were established over 60 years ago, still going strong and supplying us. I would like to thank you for your support to us in supplying foils and magnesium stamping dies. We appreciate the excellent service.    

Ron Palin.

Production Manager, Akubra Hats Pty Ltd

Current, joint-managing Director Tate Hone said the following in a recent article in Labels Plus Magazine:

Avon Graphics does a great deal of work in foil, and a primary supplier for more than 35 years has been Australian manufacturer Milford Astor Foilmakers.

“They are fantastic suppliers,” said Tate “The quality of their foils is second-to-none. They also provide very good service, which goes a very long way in helping us do what we do. If we need foil urgently, it is always within what we need. We carry a lot of their range on the shelf and draw it down as needed, and they are always topping it up for us – they are very responsive”

Tate said established brands are looking at their sometimes long-standing packaging. A while ago, Cadbury requested a gold shade for their change to cardboard folding carton for chocolate and decided to foil the entire range. “It was millions of sheets and they were using Milford Astor foil, a locally-made GFE old-gold, which effectively increased their chocolate sales. Again, its about standing-out on the shelf from their competitors.”

Another example was the work Avon did for Hallmark cards. “We were contracted to foil stamp Hallmark greeting cards and Milford supplied locally-made metallic foils in GFE colour range for them. We still do a huge amount of greeting cards- It’s one of our specialities. We do the foil-stamping component; embossing; form-cutting. We use Milford Astor Foilmakers foil on all the greeting cards we do. There is a huge range of shades available in the country, and all our greeting card clients love the swatch book that Milford Astor Foilmakers supplies. They know if it is in the swatch book, its available in Australia. Whereas, with other hot stamp foil companies, their books are made off-shore, and they don’t carry the full range in Australia. And that is the real bonus of working with Milford Astor Foilmakers.”

Tate said one of the most interesting projects, was a well-known soap manufacturer who decided to virtually relaunch his products and went from printed inks to foils. We used a local metallic on their carton and their presence has increased because their product is selling more.”
Avon Graphics does more than emboss and foil and is a major supplier of security holograms. “We have made holograms for chips for a major casino and for things like disabled parking permits. Our casino products are found not only in Australia, but in Macau and around the world,” said Tate. “And the guys at Milford Astor Foilmakers are good at including security features for the client. There is a range of different ideas they can include.”

Avon Graphics in Melbourne has been under the present ownership for 35 years.


Goldcraft Embossing has had a successful working relationship with Milford Astor for more than 35 years. Their 400-Grade foils, introduced to us about 8 years ago, have proven to be highly compatible with our foil stamping machinery and are workable across a wide range of designs and substrates. Added to that Milford Astor's service cannot be faulted. They show flexibility, enthusiasm and speed in processing our orders to ensure that we are able to meet our clients' deadlines. I'd expect any company considering working with Foilmakers will come to the same conclusion.

Mark Steuer
Managing Director  Goldcraft Embossing

Sicame Australia Pty Ltd 

We have been dealing with Milford Astor for many years now and will be for many more to come. From their friendly professional staff to the amazing products we cannot fault their business.

This company has saved us many times where replacements where needed immediately and as early as the next day we had a new product delivered! Would recommend to any company needing their services.

Finney Kessler 

Engineering Designer Sicame Australia Pty Ltd