P75 Hot Stamping Machine

Milford Astor has been manufacturing hot stamping machines for the international market since 1964 and has a long history of building quality, rugged equipment for the most demanding printing solutions. Typical applications include dials, knobs, binders, plastic novelties, bags, toys, bottles and tubes, crates, bins, pallets, pencils and many more.

The Autoprint P75 is designed to meet the most demanding hot stamping applications. Milford Astor appreciates that there is a vast array of hot stamping jobs bridging a variety of flat stamping and round object foiling applications. This machine can be configured to meet customers specific requirements, we have done the same with the Autoprint P75.

This equipment is designed in a modular form enabling the customer to choose the configuration that best suits their needs. The basic economy model is robust, versatile and designed for long term operation. Further enhancements include: digital control, PE registration of transfers, large print areas and many other possibilities.

We offer a “Digital Controller” which incorporates a predetermined counter and the “Digital Plus” controller allows the incorporation of many options and programmes.

We can offer jigs, feeding equipment, turntables and any other accessories to ensure that the hot stamping process can be conducted in the most efficient manner.

Our turnkey facilities means that along with the machines we can supply stamping foils, dies and type as well as providing a pre-press and/or design.

For foils please contact: - customerservices@astor.com.au

For dies and artwork please contact:-  artworks@astor.com.au

Download P75 Hot Stamping Machine brochure PDF (1.5MB) here