Our POP4 machines are ideal for date coding, price marking and for printing other variable information such as weight, grade, type, quantity, ingredients and bar codes whilst still within the packaging process. They are designed for easy installation on to most types of intermittent motion packaging machines.

Autoprint coders can also be mounted on to continuous motion machines with the aid of a web arrester. The arrester is easily synchronised to cycle with the coder and contains a simple registration device for placing the print in the required position. This is a dry, clean and smudge free printing process, it does not use inks.

A clear and durable imprint giving information is instantly applied from an accurately indexed stamping foil which is available in a variety of colours. Practically all flexible materials including plain and coated papers, polythene, polypropylene laminates and coated aluminium can be printed with this method.

The Autoprint POP4 has a cassette load of 305m (1000ft) foil capacity. The unit can be mounted in any orientation and their neat design allows them to be operate in the most awkward situations with nominal speeds of 150 prints. Sensing devices signalling the need to reload the foil can be fitted.

Autoprint coders are built for quality marking under the most arduous conditions. Their action is smooth and efficient. Pneumatic cylinders are built to eliminate impact action thus prolonging the life span of all moving parts.

The Autoprint POP series are also available with larger print areas and higher pressure which can be used not only for date coding and pricing but also for imprinting product names, information relating to product details, formulation, list of ingredients, bar coding etc.

Our turnkey facilities means that along with the machines we can supply stamping foils, dies and type as well as providing a pre-press and/or design.

For foils please contact: - customerservices@astor.com.au

For dies and artwork please contact:-  artworks@astor.com.au

These machines are only built to order

Download POP4 coding machine brochure PDF (835KB) here