POP500 and POP1000

POP500 and POP1000 Coding Machine

These coding machines can stamp date codes, price marking and are ideal for printing other variable information such as weight, grade, type, quantity, ingredients and barcodes in line with the packaging process. Designed for easy installation on to most types of intermittent motion packaging machines. Autoprint coders can also be mounted on to continuous motion machines with the aid of a web arrester.

The arrester is easily synchronised to cycle with the coder and contains a simple registration device for placing the print in the required position. This is a dry, clean and smudge free printing process, does not use inks. A clear and durable imprint giving information is instantly applied from an accurately indexed stamping foil which is available in a variety of colours.

Practically all flexible materials including plain and coated papers, polythene, polypropylene laminates and coated aluminium can be printed with this method.

The Autoprint POP500 and POP1000 are designed for ease of loading a new roll of foil.
Roll changes may be minimised by loading rolls of 500m (1600ft) capacity. 

The units can be mounted in any orientation and their versatility enables them to be located in the most awkward positions.
The unit operates at speeds up to 150 prints per minute.
Sensing devices signalling the need to reload the foil and or stop the parent machine can be fitted.

The electronics and motor are rated for long term reliable operation with the stop/start action of the foil drive motor. Temperature control and dwell are electronically controlled. In the event of controller or motor failure the equipment is designed for rapid change of parts.

Autoprint coders are built for quality marking under the most arduous conditions.

Their action is smooth, efficient pneumatic buffers are built to eliminate impact action thus prolonging the span of all moving parts.

  • Processor control module for reliable and accurate machine settings.
  • Precise foil advancement, reducing waste to a minimum
  • Infinitely variable foil adjustment.
  • 500m (1600ft) foil roll capacity.
  • Quick change of variable information.
  • Use of dies, type, numbering boxes, Autoprint coding box.
  • Work table with built in levelling.
  • Flow controls give a smooth trouble free action
  • Custom made chases to hold type and dies can be manufactured on request
  • Depth stop positively ensures no damage to flexible packaging material
  • Pneumatic and electronic parts are to international standards.
  • Up to 10 settings can be stored in the NV-RAM for different job parameters.
  • Constructed from non-corrosive materials. Compact design.
  • Function of temperature and print time setting, head down, machine on - off are controlled by key pad selection.
  • Silencing system for minimum noise.
  • Simple winding system for changing print underlay.
  • Optional sensing devices gives advance warning of foil run out with options of flashing light, buzzer or automatic machine cut-out.
  • Special Autoprint coders can be made to suit your packaging machine, larger print areas can be quoted.
  • Machines can be supplied with or without mounting brackets and trained technical personnel can be provided by Milford Astor or one of its accredited agents for installation and after sales service.

Our turnkey facilities means that along with the machines we can supply stamping foils, dies and type as well as providing a pre-press and/or design.

For foils please contact: - customerservices@astor.com.au

For dies and artwork please contact:-  artworks@astor.com.au

These machines are only built to order.

Download POP500 & POP1000 machine brochure PDF (1.12MB) here