Make Readies

Material is placed beneath the object to be stamped, usually to help in correcting undulations and often to provide a cushion between the substrate and the stamping die.

This also serves as a counter for dies that are raised or embossed.

  •  Fine detail foiling:  use a harder make ready like Pertoid
  •  Large area foiling:  use a cushioned make ready like our spherecoat - a black underlay. 
  •  Debossing: use black print underlay or the slightly softer grey.  For deeper images use our thicker and softer cork rubber blanket with self  adhesive for easy placement.
  •  Emboss: in conjunction with a female die use our yellow cover board good for 5,000 – 20,000 run.  If over 20,000 impressions use our  pour-a-counter, powder and liquid combined to make a male counter die.

All these products can be supplied by Foilmakers.