Inks for Pad Printing

Inks TP 300

  •  Universal ink system
  •  High gloss
  •  Medium drying speed
  •  Very good print ability Ink type

TP 300 is one of the most popular pad printing inks world-wide.  Due to its good print ability, TP 300 makes the process easy for pad printing beginners and helps experienced pad artists create real masterpieces.  It is suitable for printing on wood, coated surfaces, various plastics and even metals.  The applications for ink range TP 300 are multifarious: from printing onto promotional items (lighters, pens etc.), printing of industrial articles (housings, mobile phones etc.) to high quality prints on collectors items like miniature models.  TP 300 can be processed with or without hardener.  When  it is processed as a 2-component system, resistances and adhesion are improved.

TP 218

  •  2 component ink
  •  High gloss
  •  Medium drying speed
  •  High resistance values

TP 218 is an excellent choice if printing materials are difficult and resistance values have to be high.  In addition to coated surfaces and metals this pad ink is mainly used for duroplastics.  TP 218 normally meets resistance demands of the automotive industry and is therefore a popular ink for this application.  Other printing jobs with similarly high demands can also be successfully carried out using TP 218.

TP 218/GL

  •  Resistant ink system
  •  High gloss
  •  Medium drying speed

TP 218/GL is idea for the special surface structure of glass and ceramics.  For applications like promotional items with lower demands TP 218/GL can be dried at room temperature.  For applications with the highest demands we recommend  oven curing at 1400C for 20 minutes.  Processed with special hardener TP 219/02-GL this ink can even be used for printing onto precious metals.

TP 273

  • Flexible Ink System
  • Semi-gloss to High gloss
  • Medium to Quick drying speed
  • High Flexibililty

TP 273 is the printing solution for new and popular materials such as soft touch varnishes, thermoplastic elastomers and the like, as they are very soft and flexible and are therefor difficult to print. This ink has been successfully used for artificial leather, rubber and all kinds of flexible materials for years and shows many promising possibilities on many new materials as well. TP 273 can be processed as 1-component system, however, hardener is recommended for improved adhesion and resistance values.

TP 287

  • 1 Component system
  • Semi-gloss


TP 287 is quick drying, has good opacity and is suitable for many applications.  Possible substrates are commercial plastic materials like PVC, polycarbonate, PMMA, ABS, polystyrene, co-polymers and coated surfaces.  Applications are also multifarious: promotional items, household appliances, electronics industry and much more.TP 287 has very good adhesion on ABS (eg. writing utensils and lighters)TP 253L- 2 Component ink-  Screen and Pad inkTP 253L is a screen printing and pad printing ink specifically designed for use on Silicon Rubber. It does not contain any conventional solvents (100% solids).