Cold foiling process

Cold foiling is a relatively new way of applying foil to labels and flat bed printing machines.

The process involves “printing” an ultra-violet (UV) curable ink onto the paper or board.

The foil is then laid on by means of a nipping roller and then a UV lamp shines through the foil and cures the glue.

The foil is then peeled off and rewound.

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It is done in-line with the printing process and subject to the foil, adhesive and UV lamp quality can be applied at extremely high speeds.

The other big advantage is that there is no need for special hot stamping dies.

The “die” is a printing plate that is made at the same time as the printing plates for the rest of the job.

In order for the UV light to cure through the foil, the coating of the aluminium must be thin, as a result it is unlikely that a cold foil print will be as bright as hot foil.

900 Grade
Suitable for a wide range of web fed label printers including Flexo, Letterpress and Offset.
Substrates include paper and board, semi gloss, gloss, coated, PP, PE, Film, Vinyl, PET labels.
High operating speed, good halftone effects. Very receptive to over varnishing and overprinting.

Cold foiling is relatively new to the industry.  It takes advantage of U-V curing of an adhesive.

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