H-250CE Pneumatic Flat Hot Stamping Machine

With its large die plate size of 250 x 200mm, the H-250 is ideal for stamping large images onto a variety of substrates such as:
– Paper
– Cardboard
– Wood
– Leather
– Soft Plastics
– Some hard plastics

Features Include:
– Microprocessor control
– Pneumatic cylinder driven
– Adjustable stamping pressure, temperature and speed
– Easily adjustable print position with x/y/r adjustments on
work table
– Automatic and adjustable foil feed and take-up
– Adjustable stamping head height and cylinder stroke

NOTE: machines come standard with 2 hand switch operation but foot pedal control is an option that can also be specied with the order.
The H250 CE includes an enclosed safety cabinet, with two interlocking safety doors plus light curtain bringing it up to CE standard

For foils please contact: – customerservice@astor.com.au

These machines are only built to order.

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