H-400 Pneumatic Flat Hot Stamping Machine

With a huge die plate of 400 x 300mm and a stamping pressure to match (2500kg) the H-400 can print onto even the toughest substrates including:
– Paper
– Cardboard
– Wood
– Soft Plastics
– Some hard plastics

Features Include:
– Safety Guarding Type 1
A simple lexan guard that surrounds the heater block with provision made for easy access to the die plate clamp.
The front guard is electronically interlocked so that the machine cannot cycle unless the guard is properly closed.
– Microprocessor control
– Adjustable stamping pressure, temperature and speed
– Easily adjustable print position with x/y/r adjustments on work table
– Automatic and adjustable foil feed and take-up
– Adjustable stamping head height and cylinder stroke

NOTE: machines come standard with 2 hand switch operation but foot pedal control is an option that can also be specied with the order.
Milford Astor have a wide range of foil grades and colours suitable for every application.

With a state of the art design studio we are equipped to meet all your artwork and stamping die requirements.

For foils please contact: – customerservice@astor.com.au

These machines are only built to order.

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