At some point in your lives, you would have all come across a product whose manufacturing life would’ve have included a Milford Astor printing system, a plate, a pad, inks or foil.

From marketing materials, to pharmaceutical products, cars and transportation, household goods, cosmetics, books, sports, you name it… Milford Astor has had a helping hand in it. With a rich history going back to 1954, spanning multiple continents and a lot of changes, a fact that has remained constant is that you can trust the expertise gathered within our teams of engineers, industrial chemists, graphic designers, sales representatives and technicians to help you with the best solution for your business. 

Printing is a fine art, and there is a lot of science behind plate and pad manufacturing, as well as the choice of inks for different mediums. So trust nothing less than the experts in the industry and contact us at Milford Astor to speak to one of our friendly staff about your business needs or with any other general enquiries you may have. 

Our Core Values


What we are here for; their satisfaction is how we measure our success.


We will honour all our promises. We will always tell the truth. We will respect each other.

Quality & Excellence

Our company is R&D led. Our aim is to provide customers with the best quality products in our industry, that are rivalled only by our service excellence.


We own the decisions we make. The outcomes we deliver are results driven to our customers. We are proud of what we do.

Our History


Ronai Engineering Founded


Milford Astor Founded in the UK


Ronai Engineering purchased by Aldus Stockdale


Milford Astor Australia purchased by Newman Family


Ronai Engineering changes its name to Aldus Engineering


Tronics builds its first applicator in a Melbourne garage


Moore Family purchase Aldus Engineering


Tronics acquires the Videojet distribution and opens New Zealand office


Aldus Engineering purchase Graftek


Aldus Engineering and Tronics merge forming Aldus Tronics


Aldus Tronics purchases Paragon Inks Australia


Aldus Tronics purchases Milford Astor/Foilmakers and the parent company becomes known as Aldus with Aldus Graphics, Tronics, Milford Astor, Foilmakers and Paragon Inks Australia trading under Aldus


Aldus purchases API Foils Europe and API Foils Europe becomes API Foilmakers.