Company Profile

Milford Astor was established in 1954 and Australian owned and operated since 1964. Today there are two businesses.  Foilmakers Australia which is Australia’s leading independent Hot Stamping Foil and Thermal Ribbon company.


The other business is Milford Astor Printing Systems, the leader in the supply of Pad Printing equipment and supplies, hot stamping machines, artwork, dies, cliches and screen printing machines as well as a wide range of associated printing consumables.

Quality Management System

We are a quality assured company to standard AS/NZS ISO9001:2015 since 1993 and are regularly audited both internally and externally in both Sydney and Melbourne. We have recently been successful in qualifying for the accreditation to the latest standard.

Prompt corrective action where necessary helps to maintain the high standard of quality, service and reliability.


Milford Astor was established in 1954 as a subsidiary of an English company, Milford Astor Ltd.   It was subsequently purchased by Mr Victor Newman who designed, built and sold hot stamping machines. He felt hot stamping foil would be a useful adjunct to the sale of hot stamping machines.

The Australian market for hot stamping continued to expand partly due to the growth in plastics and embellishment in the graphics arts field. Milford Astor has penetrated world wide markets with its famous “Autoprint” brand of hot stamping machines. These machines were developed and sold in the USA, Ireland and Australia for printing on golf balls. Hot stamping was also ideal for use in the manufacture of suture packs in the USA and Australia and many more applications.

The introduction of date and batch coding in the food and pharmaceutical industries also created an important market for Milford Astor.

Foilmakers is now Australia’s only manufacturer of pigmented and metallised hot stamping foil.

Leaders in Stamping Foil, Thermal Ribbon and Pad Printing