Pad Printing Art Service

Our Art Department is equipped to process all your pre-press needs for pad printing. From the artwork proof to etched plate for pad printing. Getting your artwork correct is a key factor to ensure your project can be manufactured within your timeframe.

If you require low resolution artwork redrawn into the correct format for pad printing, we also offer this service at an additional fee.

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Steel pad printing plates

  •  Etched steel plates 0.25mm
  •  Etched steel plates 0.5mm
  •  Etched steel plates 10mm
  •  Etched chrome steel plates 10mm

Polymer pad printing plates

  •  Etched polymer plates
  •  Alca tuff packets
  •  Aqua Gold packets
  •  Red water wash packets

Film positives

Pad printing film positives

Dup Screens, 133lpi, 175lpi, 200lpi and 300lpi

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