To compliment the pad printing machines sold by Milford Astor, the pad printing inks and the pad printing plates, we also have available to our customers several types of printing pads. They come in various shapes, sizes and shore hardnesses.

Through our in house technical support we can recommend you printing pads with the exact hardness and consistency to meet your needs. And our in house production facility, is able to manufacture to your requirements using only the best quality grade, durability and longevity of silicone rubber to ensure your product ends up with the best print quality.

Milford Astor stocks a large range of pad printing pads to suit almost every pad printing requirement. There are numerous pad shapes available, most are four distinct shapes: round, square, rectangular and chisel point.

Shape is an important consideration in selecting a specific pad: the aim is to achieve a rolling action when the ink is picked up from the cliché or plate and then deposited on the substrate.

Pad life ranges from 10,000 cycles to 100,000 cycles depending on the application and the storage and maintenance.

For further information regarding pad printing sizes, shapes, availability and order codes. Please download our Milford Astor Pad Catalogue below